Matt Younkin

Younkin Airshows currently offers three acts:
Matt Younkin’s Beech 18 performance is likely the most unusual act on the airshow circuit today. The Beech 18 was never designed for aerobatic flight; however that doesn’t make it incapable of doing just that.

The Aircraft:
The Beechcraft Model 18, or “Twin Beech”, as it is better known, is a 6–11 seat, twin-engine, low-wing, conventional-gear aircraft that was manufactured by the Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas from 1937 to 1969.

Imagine the airshow circuit’s largest, noisiest, and smokiest airplane lit up like a Christmas tree and performing aerobatics at night! Imagination has become reality! Keeping with Younkin Airshows tradition of pioneering the unusual, this new variation of an existing amazement will surely be the highlight of any night airshow.

The Travel Air “Mystery Ship” was designed and built in 1928 by the Travel Air Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, KS. Designed and built for the upcoming 1929 National Air Races, easily taking first place and becoming the first aircraft to beat out the military. Re-created using original factory plans by Jim Younkin in 1979, this replica is the only example worldwide of a Travel Air “Mystery Ship” flying today.


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